1960 Seravesi® relies on Tommaso Seravesi’s knowhow, who has been designing bending machine, presses and flanging machines for over 50 years, besides supervising the building stage of the machinery and from strength, abilities and professionalism of the team of specialists in the mechanical processing and assembly sector.

The main objective of 1960 Seravesi® is that of supplying sheet metal forming machinery such as 3 and 4 rolls plate bending machines, presses and flanging machines, alongside the manufacturing of this constructing machinery, starting from its design down to the final testing and assembly on site with the utmost precision and care.


Our business structure is strongly inclined towards the needs of our customers, always aiming at creating, from the very beginning, a relationship of trust and credibility.

According to our long experience, the customer will:

– Receive valid initial advice during the sales offer phase that will guarantee purchasing the right machinery, suitable to the customer’s needs.

– Be informed about the preparation of machinery purchased.

– Be certain of choosing the best product that allows increasing productivity.

– Get timely support and assistance in the event of downtime of the machine.


The company has a significant operational structure that is developed in a covered production unit and disposing of special and modern equipment and overhead traveling cranes featuring a 70-ton lifting capacity.
1960 Seravesi employs a staff of highly skilled people that allow achieving competitive results not only in terms of design but also in terms of fulfillment, which means competitive prices and timely delivery for customers. Consequently, our company ensures experience, reliability and quality also collaborating with
the leading partners in the sector and with an accurate control of the production process that allows creating safe, durable and functional machinery.


1960: Mr SERAVESI open the company

1964 First complete bodied plate bending machine with electrical control panel

1972 TATA STEEL purchase a 3 rolls plate bending machine 5000×50 (still working)

1975 First hydraulic 3500×90 mm 3 rolls pyramidal plate bending machine sold to AT&F Inc. USA (still working)

1976 First 6 meters plate bending machine

1978 First Variable Geometry plate bending machine in ALL OVER THE WORLD

1980 HYUNDAI purchase a 3 rolls pyramidal plate bending machine 4000×110

1982 DAEWOO purchase 3 rolls pyramidal plate bending machine 4000×160

1998 Giant 3 rolls variable geometry 3000×180 sold in Italy

2004 First variable geometry plate bending machine for the WIND TOWER business

2007 TATA STEEL purchase a second machine, a variable geometry 3000×80 plate bending machine

2010 Our 50 ANNIVERSARY ad a second giant machine 4000×190 again for AT&F Inc USA

NOWADAYS Seravesi is a modern company that relies on the new technologies for the design and production of the machines