After Sales Service: one of our strong points

When a Customer is ready to purchase a machine, paying utmost attention to the after sales service offered will be necessary.
For this reason, 1960Servesi made its after sales service one of its strong points, guaranteeing an immediate assessment of the most convenient and appropriate solution for every type of problem, ensuring efficiency and timely responses.

– offering a 24 hours a day assistance services, throughout the national and international area, for both new and used roll bending of Sertom and others brands as well. This service is also able to satisfy any request for spare parts, such as oil filters, max pressure valves, safety valves, check valves, flow control valves, solenoid valves, gear pumps, pressure switch, seals, gaskets for hydraulic cylinders, PLC batteries, linear transducers,  for EMO plate roll, RIMI plate roll and all types of plate bending of any brand.
– the customer assistance service offered is carried out by highly qualified and specialized operators, able to perform quick and efficient interventions at your location.
– we also offer a scheduled maintenance service, in compliance with applicable law, which allows a reliable and constant control on machinery by identifying, in advance, the conditions of wear and anticipating the risk of inconvenient downtime, ensuring value and safety.
– 1960 Seravesi agents around the world were recruited also by sharing the Company’s philosophy, so they convey the same standards of quality.

In addition to our after sales service: the maintenance programs

1960 Seravesi offers 3 different kind of preventive maintenance programs, suitable for every kind of plate bending machines, dishing press, shipyard press, flanging machines, vertical tank system and special machines:

Seravesi Gold Package Service

This program offers a bi-annual intervention and includes a Silver and Bronze Programm together with an accurate check of the machine, general cleaning of the main sliding parts and machine.

Priority telephone access ensures that you are top of the list when it comes to service calls, offering quicker and more responsive support.

This is our most extensive protection for your machine and parts. It is suitable for those owners who work many hours with their machine and  want their machines operating at peak performance.

Seravesi Silver Package Service

The SILVER program offers an annual intervention and includes a Bronze programm together with a complete check of the machine with replacement of the brakes pad, hydraulic, mechanic and electric check, pressure settings of valves and pumps check, centralized lubrication system check and general machine evaluation.

It is suitable for owners who want to safeguard their equipment with a supurb maintenance package when the hours of machine work does not exceed one daily shift.

Seravesi Bronze Package Service

The BRONZE program  includes our basic annual telephone support program together with one visit per year for check the machine and provide  machine  reports  and status, complete walk-around inspection, all filters changed depending on running hours and oil analysis, check all manual/automatic operational functions and positions check machine guarding, safety circuit, and any safety deficiencies.

It’s suitable for owners who want keep everything their machines running smoothly with an elevated level of support that 1960 Seravesi guarantees.

For more information about our maintenance programs or for our patner’s sales service please contact us at