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Special machines


Special machines

We design and build special machines to meet specific customer requests.


Built Machines



1960 Seravesi
Special machines
Special machines


Complete system for pipe production
  • Loading system for packed plates
  • Plate conveyor and introduction into the bending machine
  • Plate bending machine of 6mt with a pre-tension plate roll
  • Finished tube unloading system
  • Tube conveyor to the pre-bending station
  • Pre-bending machine
Vertical tank system
  • Coil station with tiltable table for an easy coil loading
  • Straightening machine to remove the memory to the uncoiled plate
  • Plate bending machine
  • Vertical cutting station with plasma cutting
  • Vertical welding station with welding machine (TIG-MIGPLASMA)
Special machines

Special machines are used for:

Producing tubes of 6 metres length, consisting of:
  • loading system for packed plates,
  • plate conveyor and introduction into the bending machine,
  • plate bending machine of 6 or 12 metres with a top pre-tension plate roll
  • finished tube unloading system
  • tube conveyor to the pre-bending station
  • pre-bending machine after bending
Special gantry presses
with double push cylinder used for hot forming special sections for the petrochemical industry, hydroelectric turbine blades.

Special lines
for forming and bending corrugated plates with thicknesses up to 9mm and 381×140 corrugation profiles.

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Special machines Special machines
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