Plate Bending Rolls, Bending Rolls for bending plates in a variety of thicknesses, Plate Rolling Machines manufacturer for over 60 Years!

SINCE 1960

Seravesi provides technologically advanced plate rolls, dished head lines and tailored metal forming solutions.


the company follows the construction of machinery at every stage.

Plate Rolling Machine, plate rolls bending machines

About us

1960 Seravesi® relies on Tommaso Seravesi's knowhow (first in BSB, of the Seravesi brothers in 1960 and then in 1964 with the new company transformed into Sertom Srl being the initials of the surname and name of the founder SERavesi TOMmaso), who has been manufacturer of plate rolls, sheet metal roll machines, hydraulic presses and flanging machines for over 50 years, besides supervising the building stage of the machinery and from strength, abilities and professionalism of the team of specialists in the mechanical processing and assembly sector.

1960 Seravesi
Our Flagship

Back to 1976 Mr Seravesi Tommaso decided to realize something that was not present on the market.
From this idea, Mr Seravesi itself along with his team designed the first variable geometry 3 rolls plate bending machine in over the world. The first prototype was introduced to the worldwide market at the “EMO Exhibition” in Paris in 1978.
From that day the machine has been developed, improved also thanks to the feedback that our valuable Customers gave us during the years. Nowadays this machine is the best plate roll on the worldwide market of variable geometry plate bending machines and our team continues the development of the machines to make it better and better

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1960 Seravesi
Our references are the best guarantee of our Company

1960 SERAVESI is now firmly present in the national and international market with more than 5000 machines for the bending of sheet metal and puts itself, with its employees, its technical resources and the quality of the product, at the top of the world production.

The approval and the consideration of our respectable Customers and the active collaboration are for us the best premium for our work.

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A specialist in the design, manufacturing and sale of plate rolling machines, bending rolls, profile bending machines

What We Do

We are manufacturer of:

  • 3 Rolls With Variable Geometry Plate Rolling Machines With Double Pre-Bending
  • 4 Rolls Pyramidal Plate Rolling Machines With Double Pre-Bend
  • Vertical Tank Production System with Plate Rolling, Automatic Cutting and Automatic Welding Station
  • 6 Meters Pipes Production System with Plate Rolling, Post-Bending, Plates Loading and Unloading
  • Dishing Hydraulic Press With Automatic Manipulator
  • Streightening Hydraulic Press
  • Shipyard Hydraulic Press With Travelling Piston
  • Hydraulic Flanging Machines
Always With Passion!
Worldwide Sales and Aftersales

1960 Seravesi is the best production facility in the world of bending systems and plate bending machines

Through an extensive network of subsidiaries, 1960 Seravesi provides thorough sales and after-sales service worldwide.

Seravesi assures a worldwide sales and aftersales service through an extensive network of agents and branches in 5 countries.

Sales Network
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